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School Visit

At KidZ Synegy, LLC, relationship matters. We believe that parents and schools are a bridge to help our little learners. We offer research-based strategies on how children learn by informing parents about the developmental stages. In addition, we offer strategies on Executive Functioning Skills such as starting and finishing a task, how to approach tantrums, and self-awareness exercises.  Moreover, we cover the learning process and progress at home with our triangle model of learning. We teach parents how to advocate and reach for help so the child continues to be motivated, curious, and thrive. When we join forces, we will create an environment of understanding, compassion, and connection. 

Contact KidZ Synergy, LLC today for a Parent Workshop and our Academic Support at Home program.  


KidZ Synergy, LLC offers different packages to meet the parents, community, and school needs. If a package is not listed here, you could contact me for a tailored package. 

Package Overview

1 hour: English-only workshop on how kids learn temperaments and strategies to support foundational skills at home. Q &A time and Translators need to be provided. 

$300.00 one session 

Package Minds-On 

1 1/2 hour: English-only workshop on cognitive development, the science of the brain, 1 hands-on activity, and strategies on how to support foundational skills at home. 

$450.00 one session 


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