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About KidZ Synergy

KidZ Synergy, LLC encompasses many roles in the field of education. We are a small publishing house. We published books on self-awareness, self-care, self-love, and much more. We are a comprehensive consulting and coaching firm that guides individuals and their families for success. KidZ Synergy, LLC specializes in the teaching and learning of foundational skills in the areas of math, literacy, and writing. We believe in prevention by providing coaching to parents. In order to build and cement the learning process, we help identify target skills. Collaboration is the key to success, and therefore, we will work with other professionals, teachers, and the community to identify, evaluate, and interpret options that suit the family and the individual. We are here to support you and your family's needs.

Author Visit

Book a visit with the author. Choose any one book about self-care, self-love, or how to be virus busters. Learn about the writing and publishing process. Learn about careers in the field of writing. Below, you will find the different packages the author offers:

Basic Package: Author visit reading 1 book with Q&A and 3 free paperback books. 

Fun Package: Author Visit reading 1 book with Q&A and 5 free paperback books paired with a fun art or science activity. 

Diagnostic Assessments

KidZ Synergy, LLC supports teachers, parents, and students. We work together to foster sucess by having multiple data and guidance from an expert in the field. We offer both Screener and Diagnostic Assessments to identify target skills in the areas of reading. We provide a complete write-up with assessment results, analysis, and recommendations. Our recommendations are based on current research from Neuroscientists and professors, and other experts in the field of education. 

Academic Parent Coach

At KidZ Synergy, LLC, we understand the challenges of parenting and educating at home, especially during a pandemic. Parental support, guidance, and education are extremely important to strengthen a child's academic foundation skills at home. Our Academic Coaches will provide you with research-backed strategies to help your child thrive at home and be confident at school. We will be by your side until you understand the model and process to work with your child at home. Together, we will make strides. 


"Helping your child isn't always easy when they won't take medication or allow applying creams and lotion. To them, lotion is icky and sticky! This book helps kids understand the icky, sticky stuff actually helps. A good way to address these issues with your child. Recommended." 

Julie Hanson, Author

"As a parent and educator, I thought this was a well-written, imaginative story for kids ... especially for those stubborn children who dislike body lotion."

Christine L. Celis, Pure Genius 

"Highly recommend this book! My son absolutely loves it. 

Maggie, Parent and RN 

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