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Released 10/2019
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Czarina Tran-Bernett is the founder of  KidZ Synergy. She believes the adage, "it takes a  village to raise a child'. With two children of her own, she is finding it harder to balance the many responsibilities of being a mother and wife. She took a sabbatical from work and it lasted longer than it was intended and one day, KidZ Synergy came into existence. KidZ Synergy encompasses many roles in the field of Early Childhood Development. We are a small press publishing company. We are product developers for wee learners.  We are consultants aiding parents in navigating learning at home with curated materials specific to the need of the child. We are your one-stop-shop. 



Schneider the Spider and His Unusual Friends

Schneider the Spider and His Unusual Friends



"Helping your child isn't always easy when they won't take medication or allow applying creams and lotion. To them, lotion is icky and sticky! This book helps kids understand the icky, sticky stuff actually helps. A good way to address these issues with your child. Recommended." 

Julie Hanson, Author

"As a parent and educator, I thought this was a well-written, imaginative story for kids ... especially for those stubborn children who dislike body lotion."

Christine L. Celis, Pure Genius 

"Highly recommend this book! My son absolutely loves it. 

Maggie, Parent and RN 

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