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Author Visit

Authors are bridges that help children connect to books. An author visit empowers and motivates students to read with a purpose. The benefit of author visits could vastly benefit the students. It could promote reading when the student learns the inside stories and ideas behind a book. This process will help students make predictions, inferences, and find the author's purpose in writing the story. It could also help students become better writers. When students learn about the writing and editing process, students will learn that writing is an enjoyable process; thereby increasing the motivation to become better writers.


When you book an author visit, students will learn about the creative writing and editing process, inspiration, and the importance of creative expression. Contact us today for an author visit. Choose any one book about self-care, self-love, or how to be virus busters. Learn about the careers in the field of writing. We offer different packages from basic to hands-on activities. We have coloring pages for all students after the visit. The different packages are listed below: 


Basic Package: The author reads 1 book with Q&A and 3 free paperback books. $220.00 (1 class, 45 minutes)

Fun Package: The author reads 1 book with Q&A and 5 free paperback books paired with a fun activity. $320.00 (25 students and all materials included. ~70 minutes)

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