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- Czarina Tran-Bernett, Author -

Czarina Bernett spent the last twenty years in both public and private education. She worked as a middle school math/science, elementary, ESL, and EFL teacher.  In addition, she has international teaching experiences in both Japan and Hong Kong. Her passion for early childhood development led her down the entrepreneurial path of opening her preschool with a progressive approach.  Currently, she is dabbling into this creative writing field as she can incorporate her love for education. Czarina's goal is to empower and teach, as reflected in the books she writes. Czarina earned an M.A. Ed with an emphasis in Elementary Math Education and Early Childhood Development. 

- Pei Jen, Illustrator -

Pei Jen is a self-taught children’s book illustrator based in Malaysia. Her fascination with art started at a young age and she practiced her skills during all her free time. After earning a degree in public marketing, her continued passion for art brought her to the world of illustration and children’s books. She loves bringing stories to life and hopes her art and the stories she illustrates make a positive impact on young minds.

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