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My children have been big fans of Czarina’s books, Crackodile and Schneider the Spider, for years. The books are well-written, entertaining, and teach my kids valuable lessons. Recently I learned that Czarina, an experienced educator, offered educational consulting for students. Schools abruptly shuttered last March and my child transitioned to online learning. I had concerns about whether my child was progressing well in this new setting. I contacted Czarina and she responded in a timely manner. She listened to my concerns about my child’s educational needs and was very empathetic. I think because she has school aged children herself, she understood what I was going through. She explained what my child’s assessment would entail. On the day of the assessment, Czarina was on time for our Zoom meeting. My child exhibited some trepidation, but Czarina immediately put him at ease. She was enthusiastic and patient. It was clear that this was Czarina’s passion. Once the assessment ended, my child said to me, “Well that was fun”.  I received the assessment results via email. It included Czarina’s thorough analysis and recommendations.  This was a stress-free experience for my child. As a parent, I feel more empowered now that I have an understanding of my child’s educational needs, and the tools to help guide my child to meet his needs.  This service has been invaluable to me. I highly recommend Czarina and her services. 


 Esther Marquez

I am an elementary school teacher, and a big focus in first grade is reading. One of my students entered first grade performing way below grade level requirements in reading, and only knew three of her letter sounds. When I reached out to Mrs. Bernett from Kidz Synergy, we discussed my student’s current skills and abilities, and we set learning goals together. My student began receiving services twice a week, for about 20 minutes each session. After each session, Mrs. Bernett shared her objectives for the day, and a report on how my student performed. She even met virtually with my student’s parent to give her tips and resources and how to support her child at home. With the help from Mrs. Bernett and Kidz Synergy, my student is showing academic growth in her phonics and knows almost all of her letters and sounds in just over 3 months! It has been a pleasure working with Mrs. Bernett, and my student and her mom always say how helpful and resourceful she is, even in the midst of virtual teaching during a pandemic. I would highly recommend any educator or parent to receive services from Kidz Synergy. Thank you so much!


Jackie Sanchez

First Grade Teacher

Mayflower Elementary School

My son had difficulty pronouncing words and was embarrassed to read in front of his class when his teacher called on him. After spending time with kidzsynergy and identifying his area of weakness, a plan was implemented to provide one on one coaching, practice on pronouncing words, and weekly assessment report on his progress.  Also, recommendations by the Educator were given to the parents on area of focus after each live sessions. Now he cannot wait to read in front of his classmates. As a parent, this program is the definately a well spent investment on my son's future. 


Michael T. 


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